Why ask Why?
Goodbye, Bud Dry!
Bud Dry, 1990-2003 (or thereabouts...)
I don't understand marketing (but then I'm an engineer...), but whatever drives the powers that be who decide what products continue to be available or quietly fades away... well, I don't understand that, either! What I do understand is that my favorite brand is no longer available in the Southeast, and will probably die altogether in 2004. That, according to Eagle Rock Distributing, Inc., the Anheuser-Busch distributor here in Gwinnett County. I emailed them to find out what was going on when Bud Dry suddenly disappeared from the beer coolers at the local Kroger's, Ingle's, and other grocers. Mr. Steve Craine, President of Eagle Rock, gave me the bad news. Thanks for the response, Steve, but I reserve the right to not like it!
So, here lies the remains of my last Bud Dry. It will not be recycled, but will be laid to rest in a dignified manner... as soon as I figure out what that is!