Corps Dams on the Savannah River
The Savannah River begins in the waters of Hartwell Lake, about seven miles upstream from the dam, at the confluence of the Tugaloo River from North Georgia, and the Seneca River from South Carolina. It forms the state line between the two states. It flows by Augusta, GA, where some of it is temporarily diverted into the Augusta Canal, on to Savannah, GA, to empty into the Atlantic Ocean at Tybee Island Sound. While the river was navigable to Augusta at one time, there is no commercial traffic that we know of above the Port of Savannah at this time. And until the fate of the New Savannah Bluff project is determined, navigation must end there.
Hartwell Dam
Richard B. Russell Dam
Clarks Hill (aka Strom Thurmond) Dam
New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam