Georgia Power's Sinclair Dam
This dam, part of the Central Georgia Hydro Group, is located near Milledgeville, GA, on the Oconee River. We saw this dam featured on the local news recently after one of the few heavy rains we have had, with the floodgates open. It was too late in the day for us to make it down there to grab some pictures... maybe next time.
The dam, completed in 1952, stands 104 feet high and 2,988 feet long. It consists of concrete non-overflow and spillway sections, flanked by reenforced earthen embankments. The spillway has 24 30 foot wide floodgates. Two turbine/generator assemblies can produce 22.5 Megawatts each, at an average head of 90 feet and flow rate of 4,000 cfs, for a total of 45 Megawatts at 8,000 cfs.
A view of the powerhouse and switchyard.
And a look down the tailrace channel, excavated from rock, about 70 feet wide and 4,500 feet long.