Georgia Power's Wallace Dam
Upstream from Sinclair is Wallace Dam, impounding Lake Oconee. We couldn't get access to it the day we were there, so we got this one shot from the gate to the office there. Ga. Power maintains the Central Georgia Hydro Group Control Center at this site. Size given as 120 feet high and 3,700 feet long, Wallace Dam's capacity was listed at 321.3 Megawatts from six turbine/generator assemblies, four of which can be operated as pumps. Thus, Wallace is our third pumped storage facility that we have (almost) bagged. The design calls for 25,000 acre-feet of water to be released and pumped back daily. This causes the normal daily fluctuation seen on Lake Sinclair of 2 feet, between 338 and 340 feet MSL. Maximum flow through the turbines is given as 48,000 cfs. Five floodgates are available if needed. Nominal pool of Lake Oconee was stated as 435 feet MSL.
Later we obtained this view of Wallace dam. This photo is courtesy of Southern Company.