TVA in Virginia
Duh! While looking at the TVA Map, I all of a suddden realized that the TVA watershed extends well into Virginia. In fact, the Tennessee Valley Divide corresponds to the VA/KY state line for a ways. So, in the interest of completeness, I have added a Virginia TVA page. TVA's "Dams and Power Plants" brochure lists two dams on Beaver Creek, just across the TN/VA line, near Bristol, TN. They are both non-power dams. Beaver Creek Dam is listed as 85 feet high and 1,588 feet long, so it is not a small dam, but its reservoir is classified as a "detention basin", whatever that means. Clear Creek is smaller at 51 feet high and 670 feet long, with a 1 mile reservior behind it. We will probably bag these on a northeast Tennessee Dam Quest.