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Parker Dam
Parker dam is billed as the "Deepest Dam in the World"; while the structural height is given as 320 feet, most of that is below the original river bed. The dam extends about 85 feet above the river bed, and the superstructure for the floodgates add another 62 feet. The crest length is given as 856 feet, construction type is concrete thick arch
The dam creates Lake Havasu (Lake Havasu City is now home of London Bridge), which plays a part in water delivery to the Colorado River Aqueduct. In fact, about half of the power genereated by the dam goes to pumping water into the aqueduct, which supplies water to Southern California. Nameplate capacity of the 4 turbine/generator assemblies is given as 120 Megawatts, although "due to river conditions downstream, the tailrace limits total plant throughput to between 102 and 108 MW". FY 2003 generation was stated to be 462,864 MWHours (Data is here ).
Parker and Davis Dams are both operated remotely from the Hoover Control Center. Again, the prime purpose of the Dams and Reserviors is storage and delivery of water. Power Produciton is strictly secondary, but then, they don't call this the "Desert Southwest" for nothing! Water is a precious comodity here. These are pipes from a pump station that we think supply the Colorado River Aqueduct, bringing water to a sizeable portion of Southern California. Before we got to the dam, we passed another pump station, that we believe supplied water to the Central Arizona Project. It was wierd... the river got smaller at each dam we visited!
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What power is available for distribution is sold by the WAPA (here in the southeast we have SEPA). 69 KV was a new one for us... maybe they use that for local distribution out here because of the distances involved??
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