TVA's Watts Bar Nuclear Plant
One of the three operating TVA Nuclear Plants is located close to Watts Bar Dam. Watts Bar Nuclear Plant was originally designed to be a two unit, light pressurized water (LPW) reactor plant, but after over 20 years in the works, they finally got unit 1 operational in 1996. Unit 2 is officially listed as "deferred". The one functioning unit can produce 1158 megawatts (thats over one billion watts!). In September of 2000, it was shut down for refueling after a continuous 512 day run. This was a TVA record for their 3 functioning LPW reactors. The other two LPW reactors are at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, near Chattanooga, TN. It's actually located at Soddy-Daisy, TN, Jan's home town. Near Decatur, AL is the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, with three (two still on line) boiling water reactors. People associate "TVA" with "dams", but in (fiscal year) 2000, TVA's nukes provided almost 31% of the total power generated. Fossil fuels provided the most at 62.5%. Hydro came in under 6%, but its was bad year for hydro because of the continuing drought.
This is a view of (we think) the unit 2 containment building and cooling tower. The other tower was producing the vapor clouds.
From across the river, this is a view of the cooling towers for the nuke plant, and an old, retired coal plant (officially listed as "in storage"). We couldn't find any specs for it, but it looks like it was a small one.