The USS Yorktown
The USS Yorktown is on display as a floating museum at Patriot's Point in Charleston, South Carolina.
One if the massive elevators from the hangar desck to the flight desk serves as the main entrance.
Some of the crew accomodations.
The Torpedo Shop.
Its hard to imagine all the electronics, including vacuum tubes, that went into a torpedo!
The mess hall.
When you have a crew of over 1000, you have to be ready for anything. Here is the dentist's chair... looks painful just to sit in!
Plumbing, gauges, and valves down in the engine room.
Warships are just that, and you have to expect casualties. This is the ship's hospital.
The radar room.
A peek into the Captain's quarters. Notice the neat radio!
On the flight deck, one of the anti-aircraft guns.
A look down the flight deck.
A look back at the superstructure.
We stopped to rest here, enjoying a nice view of Charleston Harbor and the bridge over it.
A look at the Yorktown from the Coast Guard Cutter Ingham.
On the Yorktown is a submarine museum (there sure wasn't room for it on the submarine Clagamore!). Here is Jan standing next to a typical submarine battery.
A submarine drive motor.
There is just too much there to try to present it all here. Plan on at least two days for Patriots Point. The Yorktown will take one full day by itself! We got the submarine Clagamore, but the destroyer Laffey and the CG Cutter Ingham got the short shrift this time. We will be going back!