But You'll Spoil the Surprise...
Well, have it your way. Scroll down if you don't want to discover it yourself!
As we said, our "cover photo" was shot at the end of the this trail.
We took it with Jan's point and shoot, set up on a wall, using the self timer. The first time we tried it, Jan set off the timer, ran over to Pat, tripped and knocked Pat over, both of us ending up on the ground. Unfortunately, the timer wasn't set properly, so that photo op was lost forever!
Here is Jan sitting on that wall...
Which is part of a bridge that never got finished. About the time the CCC got this far, the US entered World War II, and who needs a "New Deal" when you've got a war?? So most of the CCC went to war, and the initial construction phase of DeSoto State Park was finished by default!
This is a shot of the far abutment, and what would have been a center support. DeSoto State Park Superintendant Talmadge Butler hopes someday that the bridge will be finished as a pedestrian/bike bridge, part of a trail that will extend all the way to Little River Falls. Last we heard, he is having discussions with the National Park Service, who now controls the Little River Canyon Preserve, and others in charge of the Wildlife Management Area between the park and the canyon.