Our Email to the Tennessee Clean Water Network
Since the TCWN figured promimently in our open letter, we thought we should let them preview it and comment on it. We also sent a copy to APGI, who would not comment one way or the other, understandibly, but did verify our figures.
NOTE: One typo, an "if" instead of the intended "of", has been corrected here.

To: info@tcwn.org
Subject: FYI

To the Tennessee Clean Water Network:

By way of introduction, I am Pat Kelley of Lawrenceville, GA. My wife Jan and I have developed a hobby of photographing dams, among other things. We developed a web site, http://www.janandpat.net, to present some of the more interesting photos, and other items we find interesting. We did not intend for it to be a controversial site. But controversy is difficult to avoid when you feel that you must take a stand.

We first discovered the Tapoco project more or less by accident while we were visiting Fontana Dam in 1998. We had a very difficult time finding information about the project, until the point where a web search turned up your site and APGI's new information site. Some of the things we read on your site, particularly the letter to Norm Pierson about the option of the removal of the dams, disturbed us greatly. As more and more developments arose, such as the power shortage in California, the proliferation of natural gas-fired peaking power plants, and the worsening condition of the air in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it became obvious that we must do more to support a cause that we very much believe in, and we fear it will leave us at odds with your organization. In short, we strongly believe that almost all existing hydro-electric facilities must be allowed to continue to generate as much power as possible, whether they be publicly or privately owned. Thus we believe the Tapoco project should be re-licensed to operate as it does now.

We have written an open letter that we intend to publish on our web site, and will attempt to present in as many forums as possible. Since your organization is prominently metioned in the letter, we feel it is only fair that we give you a chance to preview and comment on it. The attached document is in HTML format which you can view with your web browser or MS Word.


Pat Kelley

The file was attached to the email, and we sent it June 23, 2001. To date we have received no reply.