The Weather at Jan and Pat's Place
Current conditions
A little history
When we were active in ARES, we participated in many (even ran a few) severe weather nets. We were always looking for sources of information, and wishing we had some kind of access to realtime NEXRAD (National Weather Service Doppler Radar). You had a couple of web sites (like Intellicast), but their NEXRAD images were only updated every 30 minutes. Finally, an outfit called WeatherTAP comes along. For 63 bucks a year, you get almost instantaneous access to the latest NEXRAD image from any site in the US! Since the first of 2001, the National Weather Service has been able to provide realtime images, but WeatherTAP has many enhancements that still make it worthwhile. Highly Recommended!
In case you're interested...
We do this page with a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Weather Station, with the serial port option. A neat little widget from Etherstuff (Thanks, Phil!) puts the console on the home network. A program running on the local linux box collects the data. This box is also running Apache to serve up the web pages. Thanks to another widget program from Deerfield called DNS2GO, our dynamic IP address from Bellsouth (now AT&T) gets translated to the proper domain name.