Corps Dams on the Cumberland River
The Cumberland River has its beginnings in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky. running generally southwest through north central Tennessee, then , at Nashville, turning northwest back into Kentucky. It hits the Ohio River just upstream from where the Tennessee river joins, and with the Kentucky Dam on the Tennessee River, and Barkley Dam on the Cumberland, forms the "Land Between the Lakes". According to the online Columbia Encyclopedia, the river is 687 miles long and drains a basin of 18,500 square miles. The same source also said that TVA markets the power produced by the dams on the Cumberland, which is NOT true. The big dams on the Cumberland are owned and operated by the Army Corps of Engineers, which, at least here in the southeast, markets the power produced through the Southeastern Power Administration, or SEPA. There is one exception: Great Falls Dam, on the Caney Fork River (a major tributary to the Cumberland) IS owned by TVA... go figure! On the other hand, never second guess the government... all you will get is a headache! TVA does have two coal plants on the river, Gallatin at Gallatin, TN, and Cumberland at Cumberland City, TN.
The dams we have visited:
Old Hickory Dam
Cordell Hull Dam
Center Hill Dam