TVA's Chatuge Dam
Chatuge Dam is on the Hiwassee River, close to the Georgia/North Carolina border, near Hayesville, North Carolina. It is a long 3,336 feet, and 150 feet high) earthen dam, with a concrete spillway at one end.
Jan next to the spillway.
Back view of the spillway.
Its a good hike out to the center where the "powerhouse" is. The intake is visible here.
The "powerhouse". Chatuge's lone generator is good for about 6 or 7 Megawatts (our pamphlet said 10, but we've seen some other data that suggests that its not that much). It was not in operation at this time, and the lake level appeared to be down.
A downstream view of the generator, with the usual "stay away or you will die" signs.
A closer view of the pool below the turbine. Notice the "mini-dam" just under water here...maybe to keep a minimum level at the turbine? Dunno...
Interesting info, but a little out of date. Some closeups...
A little downstream, after the channels from the spillway and generator converge, is this contraption. It is meant to stir up the water to areate it. Apparently the cold water coming off the bottom of the lake is pretty devoid of oxygen...not very beneficial to the aquatic life.