Black Rock Mountain State Park
This Georgia State Park is located on top of Black Rock Mountain (surprise!), near Clayton and Mountain City, Ga. It is not quite as nice as Desoto, which is still our favorite, because all the cabins are right next to each other. Even if you have considerate neighbors, you know they are there. Also, there is no restaurant in the park, so if you don't bring stuff to cook, you have to drive several miles, coming off of the mountain, to eat. But enough negatives...this is easily our second favorite park, and it is conveniently located to hit the North Georgia Hydro Group, or other dams in North Georgia, Western North or South Carolina, or Eastern Tennessee. Or even to look for something besides dams (WHA-WHA-WHAAATTT??)...
As the sign sez, the Eastern Continental Divide runs through the park. You spit off of the east side of the mountain, it winds up in the Atlantic Ocean, off of the west side, it ends up in the Gulf of Mexico.
A vacation tradition is Pat has to grill steaks while sipping a suds (I know it's tough, but SOMEBODY has to do it!). So here is Pat continuing the tradition. It was about 30 degrees and spitting snow. If you look closely, you can see his breath. But the steaks were good (so was the beer!)
There are several trails in the park, one of which goes over the peak at 3640 feet. This is the highest point in the Georgia Park System.
During the Quest we went through the town of Tallulah Falls a couple of times, and stopped to eat there once or twice. We came upon something strange...
More pix to come.