Bureau of Reclamation
The Bureau of Reclamation Dams
The Bureau of Reclamation was established in 1902, in an act authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to develop resources for irrigation and hydropower in 17 western states. These folks have built over 600 dams, and today is the country's largest wholesaler of water, and the second largest producer of electricity. They are best known for the "Big Mama" dams like Hoover and Grand Coulee. Be sure to check out their web site.
This page was started when Pat's friend and ex-coworker Paul found some old pictures that he took on a trip with his dad back in 1987. He couldn't remember which dam it was, just that it was in Arizona, so we started investigating. We finally deduced it was the Theodore Roosevelt Dam, located about 76 miles northeast of Phoenix. Our sleuthing was complicated somewhat by the fact that the dam has been extensively renovated since the pictures were taken, so we weren't sure until Jan found some before and after pictures. This gave us an excuse to at least introduce the Bureau of Reclamation...
Then, in January of 2004, we made our first "Quest out West" (see the trip report here) and bagged Davis, Parker, and, of course, Hoover Dams! Check 'em out!
Hoover Dam
Davis Dam
Parker Dam
In May of 2005, during "West Quest Version 2", we bagged
Glen Canyon Dam
Theodore Roosevelt Dam
The USBR's Dam Glossary
(or where we found out what an Ambursen Dam is...)