TVA Dams and Facilities
The Tennessee Valley Authority was established by Congress in 1933, originally to provide flood control and improve navigation on The Tennessee River. Of course, Hydro Electric Plants soon followed...why waste all that water power? Today TVA is the largest producer of electricity in the US, with a capacity of 29,469 Megawatts from 11 Fossil, 29 Hydro, 3 Nuclear, 4 Gas-turbine, and 1 Pumped Storage Plants, and 17,000 miles of transmission lines (from their web page). See a brief history of TVA here.
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TVA Dams in North Carolina
TVA Dams in Georgia
TVA Dams in Tennessee
TVA Dams in Alabama
TVA Dams in Kentucky
TVA Dams in Virgina?
Raccoon Mountain